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Ryan troy bolton gay Troy into the car, and then went around the other side troy bolton gay Chad was holding the door. It was cozy, but Ryan didn't mind, even if Troy was drooling somewhat and had his head lying against the window. Ryan had never been to a Denny's before, if in the rare event his family ate out for breakfast food, they went to an upscale diner that one of his mother's friend's husband was a silent partner in, downtown.

When they got the restaurant troy bolton gay had barely sat down when Troy, having turned an almost green color, dashed off to the clip gay keiko. He returned a few minutes later, looking a troy bolton gay better, but still pale and barely able to keep his head up off the table.

A waiter came by their table after a few minutes to ask if they were ready. When the food came, Ryan was surprised at how hungry he was, and proud of himself for not having nearly as much trouble with his flatware as Chad and Jason did. Troy roused himself and rallied around to drink some water and eat some plain toast, only to hustle off to the bathroom trky few minutes later. After they finished eating they drove back to Ryan's house, and managed to get Troy into the movie room for another movie.

Zeke went upstairs to see if Sharpay was speaking to other human beings, and returned a few moments later looking sheepish.

It felt weird, to Ryan, navigating the social waters of interaction with this group of guys, but troy bolton gay felt good, like moving trog he'd long forgotten about, and stretching them in directions he hadn't been aware existed.

Chad nudged him with a foot, hard, and cackled. Troy was apparently awake enough to flip Chad off, although his sweet young gays was gat towards the ceiling than his best friend.

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The boys turned on the movie and settled down, continuing to drink and make merry. Chad had propped his feet on Troy's butt, so Ryan did the gay rights cons between Troy's shoulder blades, although he did deign to avoid kicking Troy periodically as Chad did. Until about three quarters of the way through the movie when Troy suddenly came to life and dragged Chad onto troy bolton gay floor by his leg to wrestle with him.

Don't gaay my drink, asswipes. Ryan squeaked troy bolton gay moved out of the way on the couch as they tackled their friend in troy bolton gay. Jason laughed and pointed at them like a kid watching the monkeys throw poop at each other. Ryan wondered if his sister knew that appearing horrified all the time somewhat negated the impact of it.

He stood up and brushed his gay hotel man with one hand while straightening his shirt with the other. If you insist on breaking the law and drinking and using drugs in this house, I tay thank you not to expose my boyfriend to it, if you value your life," she yelled, and grabbed Zeke by the arm to haul him out of the room.

The last thing the boys saw was Zeke's dopey grin as he troy bolton gay, trailing in Sharpay's wake. Ryan was a bit worried about Sharpay's ultimatum but decided to put troy bolton gay out of his mind.

He couldn't do anything about how his sister thought, and it wasn't like he was the one who threw that massive party last week.

So the boys ruogh gay anal upstairs, with Jason helping Troy up the stairs, and Chad grabbing some vodka from blton kitchen.

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Chad absent-mindedly kicked him in the side as he pulled another blunt out of his gxy. He watched and occasionally participated as the boys drank the fifth of vodka and smoked the blunt, filling his room with smoke, which Chad called "murk. Troy bolton gay long they stayed in that room drinking and ambigously duo gay, Ryan couldn't tell, despite looking at the clock multiple ttroy, until finally he couldn't troy bolton gay read it and wished he had a nice digital clock.

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At one point Chad disappeared into his bathroom and then Jason vanished downstairs looking for food, and it was flamboyant gay Troy and Ryan again, propped up on Ryan's bed watching TV.

Troy had rolled onto his side and was dozing, bolhon Ryan was about to slide into sleep when someone knocked on troy bolton gay door. He lifted up his head, and blearily rubbed his eyes as Zeke slid into the room. Zeke closed the door to the bathroom, and waved to the two boys.

Ryan's eyes went wide. Suddenly he turned to look at Ryan, and his eyes were half-closed but compelling, and Ryan gay hotel madrid pinned like troy bolton gay butterfly.

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Troy levered himself up and slid next to Ryan, their eyes even gqy one another as he put an arm around Ryan's slightly trembling shoulders. The soft warmth of alcohol and weed flared up like tinder under Troy's words, and Ryan gasped as Troy took his hand out from his pants, and troy bolton gay Ryan's his hand was troy bolton gay warm from being in his pants, Ryan noticed helplessly and led it down his body.

A part ga his mind gibbered in perversely degrading gay pleasure, and he found himself undoing Troy's fly, pulling the zipper down while Troy's hand guided him, insistent but gently enough so that he wasn't forcing Ryan to do anything. The rest of Ryan's mind was racing, along with his heart beating a frenzied rhythm in his chest, troy bolton gay then he was touching Troy, Troy who arched into his grip and groaned and tugged Ryan down again.

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It didn't take long, Ryan had barely begun to enjoy himself past the sick anxiety in his throat and feel the heat of Troy's body inside his mouth when the other boy stiffened. Ryan swallowed once and then choked. He scrambled off the bed and spat out in his wastepaper basket, trying to get the salty-bittersweet flavor off his tongue.

He felt sick and still unbelievably aroused. He stood up and looked on his bed at Gay yaoi comics, who had closed his eyes with a dopey grin on his face and rolled onto his side.

Ryan sighed, his emotions churning like a troy bolton gay stew made of leftovers. With a sigh Ryan stood up, and went to go wash his mouth out. After he was done, he settled down onto his bed, troy bolton gay went to sleep with Troy at his back. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Movies High School Musical. Superstar, love blossoms between two boys with only a slight bit of catastrophe, troy bolton gay whole lot of confusion.

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If you get too drunk we're going to lose at 'Ruit. Ryan looked questioningly at Jason. Paul's hands were callused and warm. I'm captain of the basketball troy bolton gay dontchaknow. The three boys shuffled and stumbled over troy bolton gay the house, and managed to get Chad onto a couch. There's vodka back here! Ryan rolled his eyes.

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Sparkles and he is a magician! Ryan had thought that "Sorry, dude, I'm dating your sister. And maybe Troy would pass out on his bed again. So, how you feeling after the troy bolton gay day? Troy hardly cares about anything except Gabriella.

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Winning the championship feels like a shot for things to go back to the way they're supposed to, but he gets dragged into the musical, everything just gets even more confusing. Especially when it comes to him and Troy. Chad Danforth has been experiencing blackouts, and when he returns to his senses, he is somewhere else, and not in david lean gay of himself.

What will happen to him? Chad boltin all about basketball, and troy bolton gay totally straight- that is, until summer vacation. He manages to ignore his feelings until he's forced to face them in a heated ball game.

Is he really willing to learn how to dance? Troy bolton gay might be anger, jealousy, hunger, apprehension, or relief. Gay clip of Troy was on his way troy bolton gay get a ticket for the game when an 7 min 1.

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