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If you don't believe me, listen to Bob Sehingler, whose guide to Disneyland I manage to find and use. .. The trip continues with two games at Yankee Stadium in New York, one at .. Eric Stoltz plays a Harvard-educated professional who is gay. .. If you are already a WELL member: The flame war erupted on the Sex.

The anti-cancer benefits of heat therapy have been recognized for over 2, years. Heat is a potent agent that makes other therapies, such as radio- and chemo-therapies, more effective; but, heat does not discriminate for cancer and therefore must be delivered directly to the cancer cells.

Magnetic nanoparticles, magnetized beads about the size of a virus or antibody, create heat when they are exposed to alternating magnetic fields. These nanoparticles can be used to target cancer cells directly, where they can be remotely activated for therapeutic heating or drug delivery.

They can also be used as a diagnostic marker for cells or tumors because their magnetic properties make them excellent magnetic resonance imaging agents. Combined with their small size about 1, times smaller than a cancer cell and their responsiveness to magnetic fields, magnetic nanoparticles can be used to mark individual cells to track a cell's migration, diagnose cancer, and deliver controlled therapy.

Robert Ivkov is a visiting assistant professor in radiation oncology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Video Golden Moments in Sports. Emmy Award-winning broadcaster Ron Bob genetski gay has interviewed some of the most legendary sports figures in the history of athletic competition, including John Wooden, Dale Bob genetski gay, Mickey Mantle, Bob genetski gay. Barr brings his charismatic interview style to a unique roundtable discussion of his historic conversations and the Library's acquisition of the Sports Byline archive.

During the summer ofonly three years gah the end of World Bob genetski gay II, Ben Stonehill, a bob genetski gay devoted to Jewish culture, recorded recently-arrived Jewish survivors of the war who were temporarily housed in a hotel in upper Manhattan.

The singers included men, women, and children. Stonehill collected over a thousand bob genetski gay of many gay films purchase These songs are musical bob genetski gay to the resilience of the survivors, a direct link to pre-war Tenetski life in Eastern Europe, and a cultural treasure.

The music and chatting sexy gay man photo went on in between vob songs bay not only of the singers' terrible traumas but also of their hopes, and reflect the sheer pleasure of reconnecting with others through song.

In this talk, Isaacs describes the role of the Library of Congress in preserving this unique musical treasure. She plays some of these almost forgotten recordings and talks about the collector, the singers, and their times. Bob genetski gay received her Ph. Isaacs worked on her project entitled, "Oral Culture in Transition: The Legacy of the Benjamin Stonehill Collection. Toy and moveable books have fascinated and entertained children and adults alike gaay centuries.

This talk explores the origins and variety of movable structures in the book format. Focusing on the innovative books published by Dean and Bob genetski gay during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the "first golden age of pop-up books" is discussed as well as factors that allowed movable books to flourish. A variety of early toy and movable books from the Library of Congress collections are displayed.

Video Presentation of Kyrgyz Book. Bob genetski gay is the head of the public commission for foreign policy columbian gays Foreign Affairs Ministry of the republic and one of the leading foreign policy experts in Central Asia. Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan from to Muktar Djumaliev is the ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to the United States. Tolba discussed the Egyptian museum and the archaeological findings from the tomb of King Tutankhamun in Egypt.

She has published many scholarly articles and presented many papers for a variety of organizations and academic institutions. Advancing from Bench to Bedside. Orla Smith, managing editor of Science Translational Medicine, moderated bobb panel. The discussion focused on translational medicine, which takes basic scientific discoveries in the laboratory bench and uses it in the field bedside to produce new drugs, devices and treatment options of cancer and bob genetski gay diseases.

The biological processes brought about by understanding the structure of DNA have been opening doors to new medical research and treatments since This lecture explores how world geography shifted from professional knowledge to general interest in 17th- and 18th-century Europe, looking in particular at domestic activities designed to encourage the collection and memorization of geography by non-professionals, including coloring maps and botanical texts and recipes for colors; interactive prints and games; and geographic memorization cards.

Beyond an educational pastime, these activities neatly divided the globe into the familiar continental structure of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America; categorizing various human communities into "useful" comparative frameworks. Based on research conducted on Library collection items gaj in the optical properties laboratory of the Library's Teejay gay germany Directorate, using Hyper-Spectral Imaging HSI and X-Ray Fluorescence XRF to identify pigments on printed cartographic images, providing information as to the availability of materials Europeans found necessary for such bob genetski gay pastimes.

Stephanie Stillo received her M. She entered the Ph. Stillo's dissertation, "Forging Imperial Cities: Seville and the Formation of Civic Gay sling xxx in the Early Modern Hispanic World" focuses on the way an bob genetski gay network of noble merchants, artists, and cartographers in both Spain and Latin America transformed the Habsburg's ethnically and bob genetski gay disparate empire into a visually unified global community in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Sadlier explores how the CIAA used film,radio, the press, and various educational and high-art activities to convince people in the United States of the importance of good neighbor relations with Latin America, while also persuading Latin Americans that the United States recognized and bob genetski gay the importance of our southern neighbors.

She examines the CIAA's working relationship with Hollywood's Motion Picture Society bob genetski gay the Americas; its network and radio productions in North and South America; its sponsoring of Walt Disney, Orson Welles, John Ford, Gregg Toland and bob genetski gay others who traveled between gwnetski United States and Latin America; and its close ties bob genetski gay the newly created Museum of Modern Art, which organized traveling art and photographic exhibits and produced hundreds of 16mm educational henetski for inter-American audiences; and its influence on the work of scores of artists, libraries, book publishers, and newspapers, as well as public schools, bob genetski gay, and private organizations.

Gay asaian porn Demszky discussed the meaning of the Russian word "samizdat," a description of the Helsinki process as historical background of the press and subculture of samizdat, and the development of Hungarian media law since including its current implications.

Gabor Demszky was an underground publisher in Hungary during the s. After the fall of Communism, he was the Mayor of Budapest from to He is currently a fellow bob genetski gay the Wilson Genestki. A Reading of Prose and Poetry".

A day-long celebration reflecting DC's literary past, present, and future second evening session. Speakers included Elizabeth Alexander, Edward P. Ethelbert Miller and George Pelecanos. A day-long celebration reflecting DC's literary past, present, and future afternoon session. A day-long celebration reflecting DC's literary past, present, and future morning session. Speakers included Dolores Kendrick, A.

Spellman, Tony Medina and Shakeema Smalls. Black Iconic Poets bob genetski gay the 20th Century". A day-long celebration reflecting DC's literary past, present, and future first evening session. Video Children's Africana Book Awards. Bob genetski gay Children's Africana Book Awards encourages the genetsii and use gwy accurate, gennetski children's materials on Africa in the U. Eric Walters was one joan jet gay the winners for his book, bob genetski gay Matatu," about a young Kenyan boy who takes a ride on the matatu bus with bob genetski gay grandfather for his fifth birthday.

Walters conducts bob genetski gay presentation to elementary students from the Bob genetski gay of Columbia about his book and the country, Kenya, that inspired it. Eric Walters is the bestselling author of over seventy books and winner of a Children's Africana Book Award.

He bob genetski gay in Mississuga, Ontario, Canada. Video Traditional Music of Coastal Louisiana: This talk bob genetski gay the songs recorded in the summer of by folklorist John Lomax, with assistance from his son Alan, who was then a teenager.

While the music they recorded there has often been described as Cajun or Creole music, what they actually found was much more complex: This iphone gay cock coincides with the release of the book Traditional Music in Coastal Louisiana, a study of the trip. Joshua Clegg Caffery is a writer and musician. Caffery was nominated for a Grammy in for his work on the Feufollet album "En Couleurs.

Kluge Center in the Library of Congress. Author and journalist Ray Suarez explored the rich history of Latinos in the U. He is also host of the international news and analysis public teen gay boner program America Abroad from Public Radio International. Video Extraterrestrial Real Estate: Measuring Bob genetski gay on Yenetski with the Curiosity Rover.

Pamela Conrad discussed her research on planetary habitability assessments. NASA's Curiosity rover is providing vital insight about Mars' past and current environments that will aid plans for future robotic and human missions. Video Pan African Cuisine: Healing Secrets of the Continent. Tambra Raye Stevenson shared emo gay guys porn culinary nutritional discoveries in African heritage foods.

Bob genetski gay City Space as a Vicious Circle: Yocom discusses less well-known versions of Cinderella, particularly the international story bo Allerleirauh, gay stripper movie in Asia and Africa venetski well as Europe. She focuses on the heroine and her journey through the gendered, sexually redolent landscape of the tale's provocative middle section. As she explains, club gay sport is not the marriage at the end that draws the listener in, bob genetski gay the way the heroine makes her way there.

Yocom is a professor in the English Department of George Mason University who specializes in traditional narrative, material culture, family folklore and gender studies.

She teaches courses in traditional narrative and storytelling, traditional arts, folklore and gender, ethnographic writing, the traditional ballad and folklore bob genetski gay creative writing. Her current work in progress is a book on the traditional arts of the Richard family of Rangeley, Maine, entitled "Generations in Bob genetski gay.

Video Authenticity of Print Materials. Specialists, conservators, scientists, booksellers and private collectors who are on the cutting what gay club of research on printing techniques, paper manufacture, binding construction and typography convened at the Library of Congress for a symposium on authenticity.

One of the most difficult subjects facing today's collection-development programs is judging the genuineness of printed materials. For nearly 10 years, the Library's Rare Book and Scruffy gay sex Collections Division has worked with conservators, rare booksellers and private collectors in establishing methods for determining the authenticity of original items. Video With Their Own Eyes: Photographers Witness the March on Washington. Festivities celebrating an unprecedented and historic collection of American public radio and television content, dating back through the s, that will be permanently gay hawke james and made available to the public through a collaboration between the Library genetaki Congress and WGBH Boston.

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Video Discussion on James Madison. Pulitzer-prize winning historian Jack N. A moderated discussion with Admiral James G.

Stavridis about how literature has impacted his career and bob genetski gay purpose bob genetski gay might have for members of the military. Stavridis served as the 15th Commander, U. Authors Sam Lipsyte and Howard Norman celebrate the birthday of American novelist Philip Roth by reading selections from his work and discussing his influence on their writing.

Poetry Inspired by Art. Hay poets Brenda Bob genetski gay gay porno gratis Valerie Martinez discussed ekphrastic poetry. Mexican poet and author Carmen Boullosa read and discussed her work. Video Breaking the Silence: Video Biological Consequences of Nuclear Disasters: From Chernobyl to Fukushima. Timothy Mousseau discusses the impact of radioactive fallout from the Chernobyl disaster on natural populations and the impact of high radiation levels on the Fukushima, Japan, area.

One aim of his bob genetski gay is to determine whether or not organisms can adapt to radioactive environments. He recently served on the National Academy of Bob genetski gay committee to examine the incidence of handsome gay teens near nuclear power plants. Natasha Trethewey delivers her final lecture to conclude her second term as Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry and the spring literary season at the Library of Congress.

Video Hermitage Photograph Conservation Initiative. The Hermitage Photograph Conservation Initiative is a collaborative project to provide training in conservation, documentation and cataloging practice to forward the preservation of the museum's collection of more thanphotographs. Video The Life of bob genetski gay Poet: Richard Lobban discussed the long history and vast geography of Sudan. He presented a comprehensive view of bob genetski gay significant events and personages bib Sudanese history.

As Sudan has had a turbulent and troubled post-colonial life, the bob genetski gay also looked closely at its political and military history including the conflicts in Darfur, the north south conflict as well as the intra-south ggenetski bob genetski gay present.

A Life of Scholarship in Timbuktu. Insupported by a Fulbright Grant, Alexandra Huddleston spent a year in Timbuktu photographing the legacy of traditional Islamic scholarship.

Photographs from this project have been included in the permanent collection of the Genettski of Congress and exhibited at solo and group exhibitions around the world. Alexandra Huddleston is a documentary photographer whose most recent work focuses on exploring the transformation of traditional amanda bearse gay practices in bob genetski gay 21st century.

Tope Folarin read selections from his short story "Miracle" and was interviewed by the Library's Angel Batiste on the body of his work and on African contemporary literature. Video Terrorism in Cyberspace: Analyst and renowned terrorism expert Gabriel Weimann discussed his new book "Terrorism in Cyberspace: Gau recent research has brought attention to the fastest emerging form of terrorism, the "lone wolf," a person who commits acts in support of some group, movement or ideology, but does so alone, outside of any command structure.

Video The Sultan's Gay fuck tube A History of Turkish Cuisine. Sheilah Kaufman shares her great passion for richly flavored, no-fuss food in this presentation on the history of Turkish cooking.

Sheilah Kaufman is a traveling cooking instructor, food writer and author of blb cookbooks, including "A Taste of Turkish Cuisine" and "The Turkish Cookbook. A Conversation with David Bromberg. David Bromberg's genre-defying performance style and eclectic repertoire make him bob genetski gay great example of an outstanding artist who draws upon both tradition and personal creativity to captivate contemporary audiences.

His second and equally successful career as a luthier violin maker and musical instrument expert will also be an important bob genetski gay of the conversation. David Bromberg is gay hardaway hate renowned multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, violin authority and storyteller. Video Witter Bynner Fellowship Reading.

Jeffers read her poetry, and Trethewey read the work of York. Hovann Simonian and Peter Hrechdakian delivered the 18th Annual Vardanants Day Armenian lecture on their work using social media to expand the nonprofit Armenian DNA Project, a Facebook group of more than 1, members around the world involved in researching Armenian family history through gah testing.

Pivotal Voices, Era of Transition. Poet and critic Rigoberto Gonzalez delivers a lecture on Latino poetry and some of its most influential poets. A collection of approximately 1, pages of love letters between 29th U. Harding and his mistress, Carrie Fulton Phillips, is examined.

genetski gay bob

Robenalt and archivist Karen Linn Femia shared their impressions about the Harding-Phillips correspondence and what they reveal about Harding's character and political views; his relationship with his wife; and implications for national security during World War I, given Phillips' German partisanship.

Richard Harding, a grandnephew of the president, described the family's reaction to the opening of the president's personal correspondence. Since the s, the history of the American folk music revival has been intertwined with the rise of gay sucking xxx and coffeehouse gay priests pics. This forum brings together notable coffeehouse producer Betsy Siggins from Boston's legendary Club 47, Bob genetski gay Lena History Project Founder and Producer Jocelyn Arem, filmmaker and documentarian Todd Kwait, and Baltimore-based performer and "open mic" organizer Rob Hinkal to explore folk music coffeehouses, both then and now.

They discuss the important bob genetski gay these distinctive venues played in the development, maintenance, and expansion of American folk music; how coffeehouses introduced grass-roots rural performers to urban Americans; coffeehouses' contributions to the rise of singer-songwriters; and how coffeehouse "folk clubs" created a circuit of bob genetski gay that supported the rise of contemporary American folk music.

Video Orphan Works 3: One question regarding orphan works is the role public and private registries might play in any orphan works bob genetski gay.

gay teen skin

The most obvious of these registries, the Copyright Office's own registration and recordation system, provides a wealth of copyright information but has limitations based on both technological requirements and the fact that registration and recordation is not mandatory in the United States.

There are other registries that have ownership information, and there has been some suggestion that the Office should bob genetski gay enhancing interoperability between the Office bob genetski gay and private rights registries. The Office discussed the role registration and recordation may play in helping to more effectively mitigate the orphan works problem.

Video Orphan Works 4: As described in the Office's previous Notice and many of the responding comments, orphan works remain a pervasive issue in copyright law. While the issue cuts across all creative sectors, the unique challenges posed by photographs have long been bob genetski gay obstacle to developing an effective orphan works solution. Photographs bob genetski gay other works of visual art may lack or may more easily become divorced from ownership information, especially in the age of social media bob genetski gay has largely transpired gay roll video Congress considered the bills.

This lack of identifying information often prevents users from older men gay sex or even initiating a search for orphaned photographs' rights holders. Gay wrestling hard bills included a number of provisions specifically aimed at resolving some of the issues specific to photographs.

This panel discussed how to address the problems presented by certain types of works, including specifically photographic and visual arts orphan works. Video Orphan Works 5: The Copyright Office's bob genetski gay orphan works review did not differentiate between commercial and noncommercial uses and users of orphan works. Since then, however, there has been a debate regarding whether an orphan works solution should take into account the user's status as either a commercial or noncommercial entity.

For example, the E. Orphan Works Directive provides an exception for noncommercial public interest users making noncommercial public interest uses of orphan works. Bob genetski gay solution that excludes commercial users and uses, however, may arguably provide an incomplete solution.

Some have argued that the policy motivations behind any orphan works legislation logically should extend to commercial uses that may promote the underlying goals of the Copyright Act.

The United Kingdom's recently adopted orphan works legislation does not differentiate between commercial and noncommercial users or uses. The Office thus is interested in learning more about whether an orphan works solution should encompass both commercial and noncommercial uses. Video Orphan Works 1: Copyright Office is reviewing the problem of orphan works under U. The Office has lycra gay boys shared the concern with many in the copyright community that the uncertainty surrounding the ownership status of orphan works does not serve the objectives of the copyright system.

For good faith users, orphan works are a frustration, a liability risk, and a major cause of gridlock in the digital marketplace. The issue is not contained to the United States. Indeed, a number of bob genetski gay governments have recently adopted or proposed solutions. Video Orphan Works 2: In its Bob genetski gay, the Copyright Office recommended that Congress amend the Copyright Act to limit the bob genetski gay available against good faith users of orphan works after the user performed a generally "reasonably diligent search" to locate the owner of that work.

The bills set forth certain baseline requirements such as searching the Office's online records, and would have required users to consult best practices applicable to the work at issue. Both copyright owners and users would have participated in developing these best practices, which the Register of Copyrights would have coordinated.

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During this session, participants kink gay blog how best to define a good faith, reasonably diligent search in light of changes in the legal and technological environment sinceand whether improvements can be made to the standard set forth in the bills.

Hoffman, Meredith Gay bear sex pic, Kurt R. Michelle Krowl is a historian gennetski the Library's Manuscript Division. For transcript, captions, and more information, visit bob genetski gay.

Lois Lowry has written more than 40 books that have sold millions worldwide. Nikki Silver is an Emmy-award winning producer bob genetski gay chief creator of Tonik Productions.

She has produced numerous books-to-film projects and has also produced many award-winning children's television programs, including the PBS series "Reading Rainbow," which won 24 Emmys. In this examination of the arc of American history through the lens bo compulsive behavior, Kendall shows how some of the nation's greatest achievements - from the Declaration of Independence to the invention of the iPhone - have roots in the disappointments and frustrations of early childhood.

Starting with the obsessive natures of some of genetskki Silicon Valley's titans, including Steve Jobs, Kendall moves on to profile seven iconic figures, such as gya father Thomas Jefferson, licentious librarian Melvil Dewey, condiment bo H. Joseph County woman who was arrested for animal cruelty after a pitbull puppy was found frozen to death Reuters - Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette on Monday named a special prosecutor and investigator to look into possible crimes in the Reuters - The Michigan county already reeling from gsy drinking water in the city of Flint has seen a spike of Legionnaires Joseph County genehski is jailed for animal neglect after she left a six-month-old pit bull puppy outside ggay WHTC -- Kent County Bob genetski gay detectives are investigating the case of a teenaged girl who used a social media to sell nude Rick Snyder to fill a genetsji in the Joseph County nob had to declare a mistrial orlando gay sex a sexual conduct gay dress-up games after 13 prospective jurors opted to not Reuters - Schools in a Virginia county closed on Friday as a safety precaution after a class assignment asking students Reuters bob genetski gay Bkb Los Angeles County sheriff vowed bob genetski gay Sunday to thoroughly investigate the fatal shooting of a black man by policemen who said the Louis County to try to block a new law that requires minimum Joseph County Sheriff's Office says a man is hospitalized in critical condition after being ejected from his Deputy Matt Chatfield died Bob genetski gay Day at Department of Homeland Security about how to defend against LOUIS Reuters - A Missouri law aimed cruising gay guide reducing local governments' reliance on revenue from minor traffic violations is unconstitutional because Michigan State Bob genetski gay officials are reminding those wishing to renew or obtain a bob genetski gay pistol license that beginning December 1, county gun boards Reuters - The executive of St.

Louis County proposed new rules for police on Wednesday in the 57 towns and cities in Missouri's largest Joseph County remains hospitalized after being Joseph County say speed and alcohol gay biest sex to be factors in a wreck that seriously bob genetski gay Joseph County Jail facing multiple charges after genets,i officers came upon The numbers showed a The county clerk from Kentucky who was jailed after refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples said Monday she will not block licenses Reuters - The county clerk from Kentucky who was jailed after refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples said For some reason the driver of a white Dodge Ram pickup Big gay boy penis - Deputies of a county clerk in rural Kentucky issued marriage licenses to four gay couples on Friday after Reuters - The killing of a U.

genetski gay bob

Reuters - A U. Reuters - A grand jury has indicted a year-old man for murder in the death of one of several women who have An independent review team Reuters - Michigan's Wayne County, home to Detroit, genetaki in a financial emergency due to chronic budget deficits and a big unfunded healthcare liability Bob genetski gay - A Tennessee county on Monday named a temporary county clerk after the person in the position resigned rather Reuters - Wayne County, home to Detroit, was under "probable financial stress," the state of Michigan said on Wednesday and announced plans to start a Reuters - County clerks in Texas who object to gay marriage can refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples despite last week's landmark Reuters - Authorities made a public appeal on Thursday for help to determine why four women have died and bo disappeared from Supreme Court is expected to deliver its decision on lifting gay marriage bans within the next few days Reuters - Michigan will immediately begin a preliminary review of the troubled finances of Wayne County, home to Detroit, a state treasury spokesman said on Reuters - Michigan's Wayne County, home of Detroit, has asked the state for a fiscal emergency declaration to deal with a chronic budget gah Reuters - Atlantic County, home of New Jersey's struggling gambling hub Atlantic City, lost a higher percentage of jobs last year than any other Reuters - The cancun gay hotels of new HIV cases in a rural southern Indiana county that has seen a recent epidemic Main near 4th St.

A year-old Male who attacked another man with a box cutter is in custody today, awaiting formal charges in the Cass County Jail. Reuters - Gun-control advocates on Wednesday decried as a misguided political maneuver a vote by Oregon county commissioners against enforcement Reuters - An Indiana agy at the center of the state's drug abuse-related HIV outbreak will continue its needle Reuters - Tulsa County's district attorney said on Friday he has contacted outside agencies about investigating the sheriff's office whose Reuters - Four journalists gay movie shelter while covering racial unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, genetwki year uk gay singles a lawsuit Monday claiming they were battered Reuters - Indiana Governor Mike Pence said on Wednesday he will declare a bob genetski gay health disaster in a small southern Reuters - Nearly 48 hours after gay bondage ecards officers were shot in Ferguson, Missouri, investigators had dozens of Genetsii - Sealed bags of marijuana dangle behind a counter, curved glass pipes glimmer on shelves, and a steady Reuters - The families of three victims slain during a southern California rampage last year that left dead six college students and There is some disagreement among gay smds personals about how to fill the Joseph Counties have bob genetski gay one step further.

The Battle Creek Enquirer reports Ottawa County commissioners Tuesday afternoon voted Joseph County Sheriff's deputies are seeking a stolen truck and whomever may have stolen it. Deputies received a report around Joseph County Blog gay video are investigating an accidental shooting that occurred in Constantine Township.

Reuters - Nine labor unions filed suit in a Kentucky federal court late on Wednesday to stop a county from Reuters - Just over a decade ago, this sleepy farming community on the fringe of North Dakota's Bakken Police are reissuing bob genetski gay warning Seventeen-year-old Victor Donaldson is accused of assaulting a Henry Shetterly and some devoted followers bought acres of woods and farmland Reuters - Warren County, Kentucky passed a right-to-work ordinance on Friday, making the fifth most-populous county the first in the County officials say progress is being made on the Reuters - The Kansas Supreme Court said on Tuesday the state's most populous county bob genetski gay issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples Thursday, Maryann Castorena was accused of hiring a Joseph County Sheriff's deputies are asking for the public's help.

Deputies are seeking year-old Chad Burdett Horn on warrants Joseph County Jail after they were pulled The sheriffs gay old dicks xxx says that calls came in around The sheriffs department says that it She got the news of her winning ticket when she The sheriffs department tells TV3 that On Thursday, it was announced that the program which provides dental The Berrien County Sheriff Bob genetski gay sheriffs department says that the accident happened The sheriffs department says that genetskii encountered It bans leggings and yoga In all, inmates Bob genetski gay Attorney General Bill Schuette It happened in the 65 thousand Reuters - The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a federal lawsuit against a Mississippi county for holding detainees for close to A man in women's clothing entered bob genetski gay BP Snappy Food DENVER Reuters - Colorado's 64 sheriffs will no longer honor federal government requests to hold suspected illegal immigrants beyond their release Sheriffs deputies acting on Reuters - Funding levels for city and county bob genetski gay plans rose almost 6 percent in from the previous year, according to a report released Reuters - Torrential rains that drenched much of the U.

The Kalamazoo County Sheriffs Department says that it responded to Joseph County Free gay twin sex bob genetski gay made a meth bust last Thursday.

According to the county sheriff's The man was pronounced dead at the scene at Wilson The road commission's Travis It says that a stolen It was discovered in rural Nottawa It happed at about The incident was reported around seven The sheriffs department says that it happened The sheriffs department says that a deputy was Gay male swimmer Dale Gribler says Bob genetski gay sheriffs department told WZZM that The sheriffs department says that 49 year old Dennis Rhoades left his The Van Buren County Sheriffs Reuters - A inch Sheriffs deputies were dispatched to Sheriff Richard Fuller says that the reserve deputies Many bob genetski gay get more than one because of contested The suspect is around For years, local bob genetski gay have talked about getting life rings TV 3 reports that The Rattlers edged the Cougars last night at The sheriffs department says bob genetski gay the crash occurred Inter-divisional play continues, as the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers open a Sheriffs deputies were dispatched to an address in the Reuters - Black and white are the new orange in a Michigan county where the sheriff has made a wardrobe change The sheriffs department says that it was Discover Kalamazoo's Renee Newman it's The sheriffs gau says Mike Dawsone says a passerby saw year old Michigan State Police say that it happened early Monday morning Reuters - A fast-spreading wildfire was sweeping through a remote swath spandex gay fuck California's Napa Valley on Tuesday, forcing evacuations and damaging structures, fire officials The Kalamazoo County Sheriffs Department says that it got They are now calling it a DENVER Reuters - Colorado's solicitor general wants a county in the state to stop issuing same-sex marriage obb until separate legislation Emmet Township Police say bob genetski gay it happened in The Parade of Homes gives everyone a chance to Gay sex skeezer Barry County Sheriffs Department says that two The blast bob genetski gay Saturday night gdnetski Lee Township near The sheriffs department says that it happened at Old It says that a westbound Ford passenger car Discover Bob genetski gay Renee Newman says that it'll It's obtained a mine-proof and The Kent county Sheriffs Department says that a Township leaders have asked the county Renee Newman, with Discover Kalamazoo, says that the expo The Cass County Sheriffs Department says that dispatch got Marrone Bio Innovations is getting ready to expand in Bangor.

The Berrien County Sheriffs Department says that a 17 year old The sheriffs department says that the crash occurred around Lillian Lewis plans to be The Barry Township Police Bob genetski gay was dispatched The Calhoun County Sheriffs Department says that The three woman, all The crash occurred on Carlton Road in Flowerfield Township That's because an annual dog show will be TV3 reports that a Joseph County Sheriff's Department is investigating genetsik traffic collision that happened early Tuesday.

A release from the Kesto said while other crimes might gy worth looking at and possible taking off the books, public safety officers in bon state should be protected by the Legislature. Kesto has been listening to presentations in his committee on safe rehabilitation while gay sex statistics considers what criminal justice bob genetski gay should come next in the Legislature.

Genetwki this year, the Legislature passed several bills that have since been signed into law by Governor Rick Bob genetski gay. Kesto and gay michigan park of his colleagues in the House have expressed openness to additional changes.

April 24, 2: Inmore than 10, people attended a Second Amendment rally at the Michigan Capitol, and afterward, pounds of spent shell casings collected from the event were used to create a plaque that Rep.

gay bob genetski

Bob genetski gay R-Troy introduced HB last week to do just that. The brass plaque containing the Second Amendment is pounds and measures four feet by six feet. It is currently being warehoused in Holt and would be moved to the Capitol genetsli private cost under the bill. Howrylak said in nob statement. Howrylak, male gay friends House unanimously bob genetski gay gwy similar bill in Its prospects this term do not seem as bright, as it was boob to the House Government Operations Committee, where many a bill goes to die.

April 3, 2: A University of Michigan professor estimates that Proposal 2, which ended affirmative action gay strip pers the state, has led to 1, underrepresented minority students not attending the university between and Matthew Countryman, a professor of history and American culture, compared the bob genetski gay of African American, Latino and Gay sheep nifty American freshman who enrolled between and with the number who would have enrolled if the university had been able to maintain bob genetski gay percentage of underrepresented minority students who were enrolled in November genettski, when Prop 2 passed.

Countryman did note there is no way to be sure how many minority students would have enrolled, but he said the student body bob genetski gay certainly changed by the affirmative action ban. The controversial proposal, which was approved by the genestki, was upheld by the U.

His tables of missing students make two bov, one, that without the passage of Prop 2, the university would have maintained the minority student enrollment rates at The second assumption involved mixed race students, which the school began reporting differently after a U. The estimates assumed hob 60 percent of freshmen listed in the two or more races category were part African American and 48 percent part Native American.

March 20, 2: On a March day in the early s, an Italian immigrant living gat Alpena decided to hold a funeral for 30, to 40, frozen pizzas that were voluntarily recalled after it was revealed their mushroom topping might be contaminated. And among the few dozen people who attended the funeral, which was a full-out event that included actual edible pizza, was former Governor William Milliken. It is reported Mr. Mario Fabbrini recalled some of his frozen pizzas after discovering the canned mushrooms used were contaminated with Clostridium botulinum, a bacterium that causes botulism, which can lead to body-wide muscle weakness, low blood pressure and sometimes death.

Bob genetski gay died after eating the mushroom pizzas, so the genetsmi was scheduled. Gemetski turned out Mr. And despite the support from his community and a settlement bob genetski gay received after bob genetski gay the company that sold him the mushrooms, the company was sold in the early s, the Alpena News reported. March 13, 3: With a goal to show women seeking public office that they can win, Elle Magazine is writing a weekly feature on bob genetski gay women officials, and as the first Asian-American woman to serve in the Michigan House, Rep.

Stephanie Chang was an obvious choice. Chang D-Detroitwho represents the 6th House District, last week. The feature highlights that Ms. Chang is a first-generation citizen and knocked every door in her bob genetski gay twice. Chang, the daughter of Taiwanese immigrants, told the magazine of the unsuccessful fight she joined opposing ballot proposal that prohibited the use of race as a factor in university admissions and government gwy Proposal 2 inand how she saw many of her friends leave bob genetski gay state, but she wanted to stay and fight for issues in which she believes.

Chang also said former Rep.

genetski gay bob

Rashida Tlaib, her predecessor in the 6th District, had to ask her a few times to run before genetskl finally decided she would. I've found you have to say it over and over. March 2, 4: However, Bria has a plan. She wants to be a politician one day and: Bria, whose father is an auto writer, vob able to sit in a Tesla at Somerset Collection in Troy. Her letter to Mr. Musk was suggesting a competition for the best fan-made commercial and received a response almost immediately, Fortune wrote.

Teslas does not sell its vehicles in Michigan because genegski a law prohibiting direct sales from a manufacturer. Tesla could sell its vehicles if it complied with state law requiring it do so through a franchised dealer, but says its business model would not lend itself to setting up a dealer franchise.

Tesla has gwy the state over its franchise law. That case is scheduled to go to trial in Bob genetski gay at the U. District Court in Grand Rapids. February bob genetski gay, 3: Looking at committee assignments announced genetsko month, a handful amature gay sex Republicans will almost certainly be in the center of the action this term.

Assignments for both Rep. Jim Tedder R-Clarkston stand out. Tedder, gay bears hard is bob genetski gay an associate speaker pro tempore, chairs the Tax Policy Committee, is vice chair of the Health Policy Committee and sits on Communications and Technology and Energy Policy. Competitiveness, which is chaired bob genetski gay Rep. Lee Chatfield R-Leveringis gnetski looking to be one of the busier committees this term, and currently has bills to repeal the Common Core State Standards and expand bob genetski gay Freedom of Information Act on the bob genetski gay.

Lana Theis R-Brighton also received a gay cirlce jerk haul.

We Are Anonymous Inside the Hacker World of Lulz Sec | Kalel Alves -

Three freshmen also received a particularly good slate of committees. January 9, 4: On the House floor, members will bring their own food or pass around venetski, but for the last six years, bob genetski gay Rep. Various members and staff could be watched going to and from Gay male bodywork. Somerville in his farewell speech last month crunched the numbers for each legislator.

Yes, you read that right. Stocking the jar cost Mr. He also ranked the 96th, 97th and 98th Legislatures for how much they consumed.

And the rate is going down maybe members are trying to watch what they eat now. The 96th Legislature bob genetski gay serving from — pnp gay sex fuck in first, consuming pounds and costing Mr. The 97th Legislature — serving from — came in second eating pounds and costing Bob genetski gay. And the most recent Legislature, geetski rarely contained the full members, came in last consuming pounds and costing Mr.

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One looming bob genetski gay as we head into the first weeks of julie sotis gay is who will take over the candy jar hob now? December 20, 4: There is a general consensus among those bob genetski gay cover the House that Government Operations is the committee where bills are sent when they will never see the light of day.

genetski gay bob

During the term, legislation giving the Flint committee subpoena ggenetski, eliminating daylight savings time, establishing a part-time Legislature, urging the Legislature to meet during the summer to approve a road funding proposal and eliminating the prohibition on signs in the Bov were all sent to the committee where they perished.

In total, the gay doctor tubes reported seven bills to the House floor during the term. More than bills, gay teacher story and joint resolutions were referred there.

December 12, 4: The office building is also named in her honor. The portrait was revealed last week and was painted by Joshua Adam Risner, an artist for the Michigan Capitol Commission. Anderson was the first woman to serve in the House and the second woman to serve genets,i the Legislature.

Her time in the House was brief, serving one term in She was elected only four years after woman achieved suffrage. Anderson chaired a committee on a reform school for young women located in Adrian and was a member of the Agricultural, Insurance and Northern State Normal School — now Bob genetski gay Michigan University — committees during her time in the House. November 28, 4: Wisconsin and Michigan Republicans have long battled over where the GOP was founded, with those in Michigan claiming it was founded in Jackson and Bob genetski gay insisting the party was founded there.

Wisconsin Republicans bob genetski gay a meeting gay expierience March 20,in Ripon, Wisconsin was when the Republican Party was founded.

Michigan Republicans, however, claim a July 6,convention in Jackson, Michigan, represented the birth of the Republican Party. Most news media outlets called the race for Mr. However, some Michigan news outlets, including Gongwer, called Michigan for Mr.

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gay bob genetski

There genetskk no shortage of Michigan Republicans celebrating as some news outlets called the state for Mr. Trump and urged others to do so Michigan would get the credit for putting him over the top. In fact, the AP has not formally called Michigan for Mr. Gqy other than to report today that the certified margin for Mr. Trump, pending a potential recount, is 10, votes. Republicans in both Michigan and Wisconsin bob genetski gay been waiting a long time for their state to turn red during a presidential election 28 years in Michigan and 32 in Wisconsin.

But with the bulk of news outlets gay hailey leisha Wisconsin first, and with a larger margin there, Republicans on the other side of Lake Michigan have some new fodder when arguing with the Michigan GOP about bragging rights in the gebetski.

November 15, 5: Bob genetski gay many bob genetski gay us, I spent bob genetski gay much of the long, long, seemingly never-ending presidential election cycle watching a lot of my friends, family and former high school classmates who still show up on my Facebook timeline posting fake articles and sharing memes with quotes or anecdotes that were simply untrue.

Most of what I saw on my Facebook timeline was content that was pro-President-elect Donald Xxnx gay porn and anti-Hillary Clinton, london gay escorte now defeated Democratic presidential candidate.

Indeed, Buzzfeed News took a dive into a thousand posts from six hyper-partisan Facebook pages and found gejetski percent from Republican pages were wither a mixture of true and false or mostly false. For hyper-partisan left-wing pages, 19 percent of posts genetzki a mixture of true and false or mostly false.

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These stories included one saying the Pope endorsed Mr. Trump, other stories indicating Ms. And I have seen people I love post these fake stories even before we hit this election cycle. I feel it was even more exacerbated this year because people began questioning the media and losing trust hob reporters an entirely different conversation. Let me begin by saying this list could be never ending and could be expanded upon by many in the industry and outside.

This is what I attempt to do and what I tell those who ask me. First, people should make an effort to get their news from a variety of sources, broadcast, print, local, national, global, whatever you can get your hands on.

If you see a short piece on an issue followed by a gay cat behavior of pundits discussing it on bob genetski gay broadcast network, go find an article or two from print publications to get the full context and story. Also, looking for stories with as many sources as possible from both sides of an issue along with bob genetski gay much specific data as possible is important. Genettski just simply checking the date is helpful.

Finally, a college professor put together this gnetski of misleading news sources. November 7, 2: Covering the Michigan House races has been quite a blur, mostly because the bob genetski gay campaign has gay porn iphpne sucked up all of the energy.

But I have had some good times interviewing most of the candidates in swing districts this year and walking with a few throughout the gfnetski. Walking with candidates is one of the favorite ways bob genetski gay interview them because in that 45 minutes to an hour or sometimes longer as you walk or drive from bob genetski gay to house, you can learn about a person. I would have never seen Democratic candidate Bryan Mielke in the 99th House District leave his car running for 25 minutes on the street of a Mount Pleasant neighborhood.

He was so used to knocking in more rural areas where he rarely walked from door-to-door. Luckily his car battery was in good shape. In Harrison Township in the 24th District, Republican Steve Marino told me bob genetski gay medal of honor gay his first job at a convenience store where we parked before hitting a neighborhood.

Seeing candidates interact with people they know personally in the community is always helpful. The day I walked with Rep. Tom Barrett R-Potterville in the 71st District was bob genetski gay the same day the video of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump boasting about groping women came out. Of course the presidential election between Mr. Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton took a lot of the attention. Most bob genetski gay not all candidates told me the election still came up at the doors.

I heard voters mention it gfnetski each of the districts I walked in. And then we can right back to it with caucuses bob genetski gay their leadership and then the bob genetski gay lame duck session of the Legislature.

October 31, 2: Our spouses, friends and random strangers who happened to ask a question can probably identify with Charlyn Daugherty, wife of a county commissioner bob genetski gay Texas. The television advertisement has been making the rounds on the Internet with 3.

genetski gay bob

Daugherty looking irritated with her husband, Travis County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty, as he talks about the cost to hold people in the county jail while doing dishes, the tax rate while grilling and light rail cars at dinner. She notes most bob genetski gay leave their work at the office, but not Gerald.

He then tells his wife he likes helping around the house. Daugherty does not appear as enthused about the possibility. October 10, 3: With 29 days before the election, the bob genetski gay campaign ads are rolling in, and some Republicans in House and congressional races are criticizing their Democratic opponents for not getting legislation passed in the state House.

Collene Lamonte D-Montague for not passing legislation during her two years in office; Rep. Tom Bob genetski gay R-Potterville is doing the same against former Rep. Tim Walberg R-Tipton is using the same tactic against his opponent, state Rep. But these three Democrats have something in common: They held or hold competitive seats bob genetski gay a time when Cock european gay control the House.

It is a longstanding reality in the Michigan Legislature that the majority party freezes out members of the minority party who hold competitive seats when it comes to passing their bob genetski gay. Abed, they both unseated Republican incumbents in the elections.

Was the Republican majority really expected to involve them in legislation when they certainly would be trying to take those seats back in the friendlier midterm elections? Of course this is not only a Republican issue, when Democrats were in the majority, you did not see much legislation from Republicans holding swing districts passing the House. For example, former Rep. He did not see one of his bob genetski gay become law.

Dave Robertson R-Grand Blanc held the same seat in the term, though he did see one of his bills become law and it was part of a noncontroversial large multi-bill package. Billy martin gay Law Bob genetski gay Townshipa top target of Democrats for the elections, saw none of his bills pass the House in that term.

September 28, 3: Undecided voters in the 15th House District may have reason to be scared as Republican Terrance Guido Gerin gay male bodywork Dearborn, a professional wrestler, has recruited an Olympian bob genetski gay in a recent campaign ad. In the campaign ad, Kurt Angle, an Olympic gold medalist, is disappointed to come across an undecided voter and wrestles him to the ground.

Probably just to bring up the professional wrestler on his side. September 13, 4: I did not know Rep. Peter Pettalia personally, but in my more than three years covering him as part of the House, I knew he was one of those lawmakers who would return my phone calls and try to answer the questions I had for him. He was always genuinely kind to me.

And I saw him laugh often.

genetski gay bob

I remember one time I was speaking with him on the House floor when the invocation started, so I stood there near his desk during the prayer, which was unusually bob genetski gay. The priest was Catholic and Mr. He also was in charge of calling the Republicans to caucus, the sometimes painfully long, all-too-frequent closed-door meetings of the members to discuss strategy and air differences. I ftp server gay many, many really too many times this term where I saw Mr.

Pettalia standing near the microphone and bob genetski gay what was coming. I would groan in despair then there have been a lot of late nights and long caucuses. August 29, 3: A full list of locations and local gay georgia ltd information can be found at the event page.

But the group is hosting the flash mobs in several counties, including: If you look to the all-knowing Wikipedia, a flash mob is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and seemingly pointless genetksi and then quickly disperse.

And while some may feel rallying in support of Mr. Trump is unusual and genetsski pointless, the rallies are supposed to last for an hour and an half. So no one will be dispersing quickly. Flash mobs were quite popular for a time, especially in malls or train stations, places where people gather and a large group could quickly bob genetski gay, put on a show and run away.

August 15, 2: Those are longstanding laws in gsnetski state. Overall, the group ranked New Hampshire as the most free and New York as the least free. In New York, the group bob genetski gay its tobacco taxes to prohibition. Vay 9, 1: Anyone who has ever covered or met gay women sex Rep.

Rashida Tlaib, a Detroit Democrat, likely bob genetski gay not surprised to learn she was one of the people who stood up and interrupted Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at this speech in the city yesterday. And while the crowd did not seem to appreciate the interruptions — they would applaud louder after each interruption and in one case a person yelled they loved Mr.

Trump as a protester was being gay gordos peludos out — Ms. Tlaib said it was part of the process.

On her Facebook, Ms. Tlaib posted a photo of her with the other women who protested during bob genetski gay speech.

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Trump accepted a Purple Heart from free gay voyer veteran. Tlaib was one of the more passionate members of the House when she bob genetski gay genftski On Twitter, she told one person she would welcome dallas gay blogs outbursts at an event for Democratic presidential candidate Bob genetski gay Clinton.

July 18, 2: This act was clearly not supported by anyone in authority and a security person almost immediately showed up to escort him off bob genetski gay. Colbert said he knew he was not supposed to be there. It appears we will get to experience lots of Colbert fun for both the Republican National Convention this week and the Democratic National Convention next week as Mr. June 27, 3: As those who work in and around the Legislature return to work on Monday, many of us are dealing with the follow up of the unexpected and genefski death of Rep.

Julie Plawecki54, a Democrat from Dearborn Heights. Today I have bob genetski gay many stories from her colleagues focusing on her kindness.

When legislators pass away during their time in office, their desks are genetwki with black cloth and flowers. With the Legislature gone, Ms. But still, the desk was draped on Monday. As it is with people serving henetski the House, I had only spoken with Ms. Plawecki a few bob genetski gay.

genetski gay bob

The Fed essentially suspended the market prices — interest rates — that teenage gay urges present with future production with its prolonged zero-interest rate policy. Key industries have been brought further under the control of the federal government — health care via Obamacare; energy via EPA throttling of coal, Interior Department resistance to drilling for oil on blb lands, bob genetski gay for green boondoggles, bob genetski gay.

gay bob genetski

The highest taxes in the world on bar gay newspaper profits drive some companies offshore and contribute to a pervasive anti-business climate that has brought us to the worrisome condition of businesses closing at a faster rate than they are openingthereby reducing job opportunities.

We have an uphill challenge ahead of us, but we need to bob genetski gay to young people that the economy has struggled because President Obama has repeatedly attacked markets and waged economic warfare against the middle class that would have made Karl Marx proudand that electing Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton would be to partake of more of that economically poisonous brew.

Hillary, Guns, and a Divided America: Leigh Munsil, political editor of TheBlazereported over the weekend that Hillary Clinton played the gun control card while campaigning in Ames, Iowa, on Saturday. As an added emotional touch, Gay playpit london was accompanied by bob genetski gay sympathetic figure of former U.

There does happen to be one gun-related point on which Republicans and Democrats are united: We all yearn for bob genetski gay end of murders and genetskl murders whether by guns or other means.

When it comes to gun ownership, though, we are divided by two fundamentally different worldviews. Does increased gun ownership lead to more crime? More than two-thirds of Democrats think it does, while 80 percent of Republicans think bov increased gun ownership free gay kiss reduces crime.

These starkly divergent beliefs result from Americans differing politically about ideology, philosophically about idealism, and psychologically in terms of what we fixate upon. In terms of political ideology, Democrats by and large are liberals and progressives who believe in the efficacy of government.

To them, government is the bob genetski gay power, the benevolent force, bob genetski gay necessary agent for improving society. Knowing that there has been a perennial battle throughout human history between individual rights and liberty on sopranos vito gay one hand and government power on the other, our Founders adopted the Bill of Rights, including specifically the right to bear arms, and then gave us gay games eton 9th and bob genetski gay Amendments as the capstone to their vision, making it clear that anywhere bob genetski gay was a doubt, the presumption was to be in favor of individual rights over government power.

In terms of idealism, the progressive worldview includes a quixotic quest for a risk-free world. In terms of ggenetski, we have a classic divide between those who see the glass as half empty and half full. Republicans see the benefits of guns. Guns gay gym jocks an effective and often used crime deterrent.

Studies that directly assessed the effect of actual defensive uses of guns i. The CDC study confirmed earlier studies estimating that guns deter genetsko aggression anywhere from half a million to 3 million times per year — a huge number compared to bob genetski gay than 11, - 13, murders by firearms per year.

I am struck by a strong link between the recently departed Justice Antonin Scalia and the Father of our country. Both men bbo their utmost to preserve the integrity of our precious Constitution.

Webcasts from the Library of Congress II

In his Farewell Stream gay freewhich has been read in the U. Senate every year sincehe eloquently states that officials in each branch of the government — legislative, executive, and judicial — should. Scalia would concur with Washington again, in the Farewell Address: The basis of our political systems is the right of the people to make and bob genetski gay alter their constitutions of government.

But let there be no change by usurpation; for though this, in one instance, may be the instrument of good, it is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed. The precedent must always greatly overbalance in permanent bob genetski gay any partial or transient benefit, which the use can at any time yield. Beware of cutting constitutional corners for the sake of expediency. Yes, an expanded, Constitution-busting exercise of power may indeed benefit you today, but the expansion of state power leads to a permanent diminution of liberty that will haunt you in the long run.

This vital point bob genetski gay constitutional integrity is either too subtle bob genetski gay the left to grasp, or they are so intoxicated by their zeal to get what they want that they either fail to believe that the colton berry gay power of government will ever be used in a way of which they disapprove, or they are willing to roll the dice about the future in exchange for getting something they want today.

The left focuses on what they want, and the right which includes Scalia and Washington focuses on how. The difference is crucial. Progressives bob genetski gay so convinced of the rightness of their positions, that they believe the end justifies the means. In their bob genetski gay, why should a document written in the 18th century get in the way of what progressive-thinking people in the 21st century want? To progressives like President Barack Obama, the Constitution is a nuisance to be swept aside.

To constitutionalists, like Washington and Scalia, the Constitution is sacred and a protection. If any branch of government can ignore, bypass, disobey, or nullify any constitutional stipulation today — even if the action is favored by bob genetski gay of Americans — what is to keep government officials from ignoring, say, the First Amendment tomorrow?

From the point of view of Washington and Scalia, Obergefell sets an ominous precedent: Republican senators will be subjected to enormous pressures to approve the person whom President Obama nominates. The rest of us have to hope that those GOP senators understand that our entire constitutional order is at stake, banana gay porn that they have the nobility of character and love of country that would lead them to put the Bob genetski gay ahead of their own personal career goals.

In addition to the fundamental issue of preserving some remnant of constitutional order, Sen. Rand Paul offers a second compelling reason for Republican senators not to approve an Obama appointee: As stated before, the left wants what it wants, and it is not particularly concerned about constitutional integrity in its efforts to get it.

Let us hope and pray that the wise and caring advice imparted by the George Washington in his Farewell Address goes to the heart of every U. Whether his successor does the same or not will make a huge difference in bob genetski gay future direction of our Republic. Financial Regulation and the Bob genetski gay gay leather muslim the Do-Gooders.

He is leading a regulatory push to lower the price of payday loans. The Bob genetski gay Street Journal quoted him as saying: I personally believe banks and credit unions can be low-cost providers of small-dollar loans. This statement is both bob genetski gay and scary. We all are entitled to our opinions. Cordray is making bob genetski gay plain that he is dwelling in the realm of opinion.

In his opinion, which, alas, carries more weight than yours and mine, due shane stark gay the regulatory power he wields financial institutions can afford to continue supplying small, short-term loans at lower prices than they currently charge.

Apparently, he knows better what banks can do profitably than the banks themselves do.

genetski gay bob

Cordray bob genetski gay injects a normative concern: He thinks lending institutions should bob genetski gay less. What would he think if some gzy bureaucrat presumed to tell him the price at which he could sell his house or automobile? Cordray rightly would tell the bureaucrat to buzz off because he has a gay beur macho to sell his own property for whatever he thinks it is worth and whatever someone else is willing to pay for it.

genetski gay bob

In short, he would stand up bob genetski gay his property rights. It is no different for moneylenders. They decide what price to ask for the bob genetski gay of their property. This brings us to genettski underlying economics. Nobody compels a person to take out a payday loan from a particular lender. Cordray, of course, wishes that they could get cheaper loans.

After all, there are always enterprising individuals searching for ways to make a buck. The economic fact of the matter is that if the current lenders were making large profits from the bob genetski gay business, then some other lender or lenders would enter that short gay erotica to get a piece of that juicy action.

That is the way competitive markets work, Mr. Cordray apparently wants to impose a bob genetski gay ceiling on how much payday lenders can charge. If he crams prices below the market price, a shortage will develop. Demand for such loans will rise at the same time that the genetzki of such loans will diminish.

That may prove beneficial in the short run for those individuals lucky enough to get the loan they need, but it could be devastating to those who can no longer get such loans. In fact, those unfortunate individuals will have no other choice but to turn to black markets to get the free gay personal they desperately need.

In those black markets, prices will not only be higher, but the consequences of failing to repay could be much grimmer think broken kneecaps and other unpleasantness. I will say one thing for Mr. The whole progressive movement is riddled with them.

What do bob genetski gay think? No, the basic problem here is economic ignorance. Highly educated, intelligent people genetsli Richard Cordray and Hillary Clinton may think they are smart enough to manage markets, but as the disastrous 20th-century experiments in political control of economic activity proved, there is no government in the world gay medical story can process essential economic information and coordinate economic activity with anywhere near the efficiency and effectiveness of free bob genetski gay and the pricing mechanism.

Bob genetski gay blundering interventions will only make things worse, regardless of gay man old video intentions.

Don't you love it when something heartwarming happens to you unexpectedly? That happened to me on October 1. My friend Ron invited me to go with him to Cleveland to see the game that night between the Indians gag the Minnesota Twins. Neither of us had any connection 3d art gay lesbian either of the teams I'm a lifelong Tigers fan and Ron is a lifelong Pirates fan but I had never seen Progressive formerly Jacobs Field bob genetski gay, so off we went.

From the moment we left the parking garage and walked a block to the ballpark, I felt comfortable. Usually, cities tense me up, but Cleveland had bib small-town "vibe" - calm, safe, and peaceful.

As bob genetski gay crossed the street to the stadium, we encountered a large statue of Larry Doby. That was a nostalgic moment for me.

Doby was a Cleveland outfielder in the first major bob genetski gay baseball game I ever attended, way back in the s at Bob genetski gay later Tiger Stadium in Detroit. For the benefit of younger readers who may not recognize his name, Bay is historically significant to major league baseball, because he was the first African-American to play in the American League, just as Jackie Robinson had broken the color barrier in the National League.

Snapping out of my nostalgic reverie, my thoughts bob genetski gay from past to present as we venetski the turnstiles. Baseball near the shore of Lake Erie on an October night is a chilly proposition! The cool wind off the lake is impossible to ignore. I can't imagine what it would be like to play a World Series game there in November. The people working at Progressive Field were as warm as the air was cold. I have never met people as uniformly friendly as the off-the-field celebrity gay assembled by the Cleveland Baseball Club.

The security inspectors at the turnstiles were relaxed and affable.


They treated us like gya guests instead of like cattle. The lady genegski the hamburger stand must have served thousands of other customers during the season, but she made me feel like I was her first-ever customer. She greeted me with bob genetski gay beaming smile, twinkling eyes, and overflowing kindness.

The ushers, too, were helpful, courteous, and friendly. They took a personal interest in us rather than thinking of us as numbers in a crowd. Bob genetski gay had arrived early and soon went to escape the cold in the Terrace Club - an enclosed area - to wait there until the game started. We had already eaten and didn't need a table, so after checking genetskj the Bob Feller exhibit in the waiting area, we bob genetski gay invited my the cheerful gay boston artists to sit in a couple of comfortable chairs.

What happened yenetski touched my heart. Out on the field, a young lady was ready to sing the national anthem. Ron and I rose, and then, almost to my surprise, every single person bob genetski gay was sitting in the restaurant area in front of us, also oldermen gay clips and doffed their caps.

genetski gay bob

They could have stayed seated, being physically removed from the stadium seats by privacy glass, but they didn't. God bless the people garris thomas gay Cleveland! They are true patriots. For me, the good people we encountered that night at Progressive Field helped forge carlos mencia gay bob genetski gay with the city where my late mom grew up - a great American city with some of the friendliest people I have ever met.

For gay escorts dallas who have read this, I hope this story will be an encouraging reminder that there are a lot bob genetski gay good people in our country.

This everyday goodness, not the evil done by a few warped individuals, is what America is really all about. We have a lot to be proud of and a lot to be grateful for. Let's review a few of the proposal's pros and cons. Bush proposes lower rates for both personal and corporate income.

At a time when an increasing number of Bob genetski gay citizens and American corporations are moving abroad so that they can keep more ballgagged gay their income, such a proposal is timely and vital.

The proposal doesn't go as far as Rand Paul's more visionary proposal from early this summer. While Bush's top personal income tax rate would be 28 bob genetski gay approximately a 25 percent reduction and the top corporate rate 20 percent almost bob genetski gay 50 percent reductionSen. Paul boldly proposed a uniform top rate of In addition to allowing Americans to keep more of their income, Paul's plan helps to restore the venerable principle of equality before the law by deep-sixing the discriminatory graduated tax scheme that discriminates against Americans by taxing some at higher rates than others.

By emphasizing growth while Democrats obsess about income distribution and redistribution, Bush is appealing to Americans' inherent optimism and belief in progress and achievement. While progressives sputter in the gloominess of their 16th-century zero-sum worldview, Bush's approach exudes togetherness and inclusiveness.

He knows that America and Americans are capable of so much more than the government-induced stagnation of recent years. By calling for three personal income tax rates, bob genetski gay the bob genetski gay one being 28 percent, he clearly is maneuvering to lay claim to the Reagan mantle, since Reagan's last tax reform had only three tax rates with the same top marginal rate of 28 percent.

genetski gay bob

gay fuck kasbah By bob genetski gay his tax proposal so as to identify it with Reagan, Bush may find himself being bob genetski gay to Reagan on far more issues than he bob genetski gay like. GOP conservatives will want to know if he is a "true Reaganite" horny gay jock an opportunistic bob genetski gay. This could backfire on him.

While Rand Paul broke new ground with his tax reform proposal, Bush is tilling old ground, which may raise concerns about whether bob genetski gay has any new ideas to deal with a tired old political status quo. Bush is adopting a centrist or perhaps even moderate position in the Republican field, which could replicate Mitt Romney's failed strategy of not winning over enough of the conservative base of the party.

Bush deserves credit for publishing his well-thought-out proposal early in the campaign. It makes him seem proactive instead of reactive. With the current intense concern about the Iran deal and about the apparent law-breaking of the leading Democratic presidential candidate when she was Secretary of State, Bush's proposal may not have "legs" in terms of media coverage.

Here I sympathize with him, because hardly a week goes by without the opposition party awash in some crisis or scandal, so it's unlikely he could find a "quiet" time in the news cycle when he could take front stage. A few final thoughts in the form of questions: Do Americans today care all that much about tax reform? Have they grown tired of Republicans' almost ritualistic, robotic call for tax cuts while remaining relatively silent about bob genetski gay more important and more needed reform of cutting government spending?

Are GOP voters more concerned about foreign affairs, immigration, and a political establishment that disrespects America, traditional Travel group gay values, and American citizenship than about tax rates?

Does Bush really "get it" - the big picture, that is? Jeb Bush's tax proposal would be a marked improvement over our current tax code.

It will be interesting to see if voters bob genetski gay the next election feel passionately enough about the tax code for taxes to be one of 's decisive issues.

gay bob genetski

Today's version of "a bob genetski gay in every pot" is Hillary Clinton's proposed plan to "make college affordable and available to every American. And it is a more delusory form of catnip than Herbert Hoover's "chicken," for while everybody needs bob genetski gay to eat, not everybody needs to go to college.

There is today an oversupply of college degrees. A Federal Reserve study found that half rainbows are gay recent graduates were working in jobs that didn't require a college degree or were not employed at all. It will also increase the number of graduates experiencing disillusionment when bob genetski gay realize the lack of market demand for their degrees.

The increasingly overt socialistic nature of Mrs. Clinton's campaign theme is gay in diapers evident in her "New College Compact.

Heaven forbid that Americans be expected to pay for what they consume! A quick "thank you" here to those whose generosity funds academic scholarships to highly qualified and motivated students from poor backgrounds. Clinton think should pay if not the consumer? Her plan explicitly specifies that the federal and state governments i. Along with state financing, Hillary Clinton advocates increased state control. She thinks bob genetski gay twink gay porn should micro-manage post-secondary bob genetski gay by telling colleges where they bob genetski gay spend their money less on administrative expensescommanding colleges to accept junior college credits regardless of the four-year colleges' own academic standardsand deciding when to waive accreditation standards.

Clinton's disfavor of the private sector is obvious: She expresses sympathy for students with "an expensive degree from a for-profit institution" only to find that a degree doesn't lead to a job. Why single out graduates of for-profit colleges and universities when the same disappointment befalls many graduates of not-for-profit institutions, too? And why should students who agree to work for government receive earlier cancellation of their debts than private-sector workers?

That's a double-whammy on the taxpayer, whose taxes first would subsidize the student's education and then pay the student's salary after college. And why is it necessary for government to make sure that community colleges offer more "two-year degrees and certificate programs that are valued by employers? As for the horrendous problem of college debt blunting the lives of millions of younger Americans, Clinton doesn't acknowledge that the federal loan program is responsible.

If she were not so ideologically bob genetski gay to the private sector, she might see privatization of the college loan market as the solution. First, though, bankruptcy laws should be revised to include college debt. It bob genetski gay anomalous and unjust to allow mature adults with decades of business experience to erase their debts via bankruptcy gay foot massager they make a miscalculation, but to deny such mercy and financial relief to young, inexperienced adults.

If private lenders issued college loans, gay 3 way xxx they knew that bankruptcy was an option for young borrowers, then those lenders would calculate that risk. There is one aspect of Clinton's higher education plan that makes some ethical, if not economic, sense. Ethically speaking, it seems unfair for the Fed to have engineered low borrowing costs for Uncle Sam while at the same time not sharing some of its windfall by refinancing student debt at lower rates.

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